As a professional public speaker I have delivered dozens of addresses at major corporations, universities, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and think tanks both in the United States and abroad. I’ve been honored to share a stage with luminaries from all walks of life including academics, journalists, Congresspeople, Members of Parliament, CEOs, leading philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, youth, and faith leaders.

Through keynote addresses, virtual talks, and interactive presentations I bring a message of hope and optimism during a dark time in America’s history, offering a fresh perspective grounded in statistical data, personal experience, and the lessons of history. I address a wide variety of topics including political polarization, social isolation, economic inequality, culture change, and personal transformation.

My passion is helping individuals and organizations realize their own ability to create positive change—right now, right where they are.

Event hosts have called my presentations “transformational,” “empowering,” “masterful,” and “the highlight of our program year.”

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