Category: January: Making Time to Connect

January Reflections

February 2, 2019

I’ve begun to think of this project as slowly digging my way out of the prison or our hyper-individualistic culture. And if I can tunnel all the way out, and convince enough people to come with me, it could be the greatest jail break of all time.

Tracking and Stacking

January 15, 2019

Successful authors say you become a writer by writing. And when it comes to community, you become a connector by connecting. The magic is in the daily doing. This week I’m trying two new tools to help me stick to my goal of reaching out every day.

Humble-Brag Hurrying

January 10, 2019

The minute we flag our busyness in a social interaction, we send a signal to the person we’re talking with that we don’t have much time to be with them—that we have important things to do and places to be, and that we’d better make it quick. This subtle cue cuts off conversation, isolates us from others, and insulates us from connection.

About Project Reconnect

In 2019 I decided to spend a year engaging in a series of challenges designed to help me break out of an individualistic, self-focused mindset, and walk my way back to community, connection, and relationship. Each month I took on a new challenge, and wrote about what it is in our culture, habits, and daily lives that makes it so hard to connect.

My year-long journey was interrupted by the joy and challenge of becoming a mom again at age 40, right on the heels of which came Covid-19.

And so, in 2020, Project Reconnect continues—under circumstances that make experiencing deep connection feel more challenging and elusive than ever. As I continue to explore community in all its forms, I’m hoping I’ll find answers for myself, as well as for our deeply lonely, atomized, and divided nation.

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